To Our Guests

To Our Guests

We are doing our part to protect our team and our guests in this time of heightened awareness surrounding public health and safety. We always strive to provide a clean and safe service to our guests, but we, like many other businesses are kicking things up a notch.

We are cleaning and sanitizing our common areas several times per day, which includes our waiting area and our break room. Frequently touched surfaces are also being cleaned multiple times throughout the day.

Each stylist has been instructed to wash their hands between every guest, as well as wipe down their chair and station with sanitizing spray. There are extra boxes of tissues and hand sanitizer throughout the salon for guest use.

We have a couple of requests of you. If you have been sick, or even feel a little sick, please reschedule your appointment. We love you, and we will miss your visit, but we will do everything we can to accommodate you as soon as you are well. Finish your medication, shake that fever. We will still be here when you are better.

The same expectation is on our team. If they are sick, they stay home. If they have a sick child, they stay home. We understand rescheduling can cause inconveniences, but in the end, it’s just hair. They aren’t worth being laid up for days with illness. Everybody’s health comes first!

To that end, we appreciate each and every one of our guests and our team. Thank you for continuing to visit us. Our doors are currently open, unless we are told otherwise.

The Willow Organic Salon

Please feel free to contact us with any further questions. Our number is
(405) 265-7550.