“I am extremely happy with the work Jayde does. She is very open to my ideas or changes I ask for. My hair is in such great condition since using the organic hair care products. Her expertise in color and cuts is refreshing. I look forward to coming each time. It is a great overall experience. Thank you Jayde”
– Pam E.

“I just recently started going to Jayde and it’s been the best decision I have made! I recently lost my hair stylist of nine years and in July of 2015 was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, so it was time to look for a new stylist. In looking for places on-line, Jayde’s profile and website popped up and the word “organic” popped out at me.

This was something I had been thinking about for awhile, so I contacted Jayde and she scheduled me very quickly. Jadye patiently listened to me as I described how my hair and color had been done in the past and gave me some recommendations. She was so great just listening to me try to explain how my hair had been done! I totally enjoyed the color process! No harsh chemical smells. And I could just run my fingers through my hair and it felt so soft! I’m sold on Organic hair color!! And the cut! Jayde got it perfect! I’m glad to say I’ve found my hair stylist and I will be going to her for a long time!! She’s not just a stylist, she’s an Artist!! Thanks so much Jayde!!”
Andrea Conner

“I love the way Jayde does my hair!!! You’re very good with color, and I’m always happy and get tons of compliments! I would refer anyone looking for a great, easy to work with, fun, sweet, and she very skilled hair stylst.”
– Stephanie Caldwell

“Jayde is the best hairstylist I’ve ever been to! I enjoy the fact that I sit in the chair and trust that she is going to do an amazing job each and every time. I love the organic products and the personal care she has for her clients.”
– Crystal Schroeder

“I have been going to Jayde since 2009. I have trusted her with all of my hair decisions, eyebrows, and she is a great person!”

“I would recommend Jayde to anyone! I was looking for a new stylist after moving from Tulsa to OKC. She is so easy to get ahold of to schedule an appointment and does a fantastic job with cuts and color! I send my husband to her now too! She can look at a picture and do it to perfection! Thanks Jayde!!”
– Heather Steele

“Jayde is the best hair stylist EVER!!! She has been doing my hair for well over 10 years and is the only person who has ever cut my 3 kids hair. She did my 15 month olds hair just the other day. It turned out incredible; especially with how much the little guy was moving. In the 10+ years I have been going to her several of my friends and family has started to go to her as well. She is always so great about giving her professional opinion on what she thinks. For the majority of my time with Jayde I have let her choose what to do with my hair. Needless to say it always turns out AWESOME!!! I will never go to anyone else.”
– Courtney Mathia

“Jayde always does an awesome job! She is the ONLY person I let cut my 3 year old daughters hair! She also supports growing your hair out and donating it to Locks of Love! And another thing I love about Jayde is her cheerful personality!!”
– Katie

“Jayde is the best!!! Even when I do something stupid to my hair, like attempt to cut it myself, Jayde is there to fix it!!! My hair is healthier and I am happier because of Jayde! She knows her stuff….:)”
– Kerri Mckee

“Love my hair cut, Jayde! Layered and tapered perfectly!!! Exactly what I was looking for. 🙂 Thanks!”
– Nicole Love

“I have know Jayde since high school. She is a very hard worker and very honest. She did drama in school and I was a model for her test a coupke of times. the teacher always loved her styles. I have had the oppertunity to have my hair done by her as a paying customer, as well. I loved the results so much I had asked her to do my wedding hair for me. Keep up the AMAZING work!!!!”
– Mary Rutherford

“Jayde is a wonderful, brillant, talented, hair stylist. And a AWESOME friend at that. I always love the chatter and love love the finished project.”
– Jessi Box

“I just wanted to let everyone know that Jayde has given me the best cut that I have ever had in so many years. I am a senior citizen, however, I like to keep updated styles with my hair. Jayde is the stylist that can do that for me and for you. Please go see Jayde and get the latest style. You are gonna love your hair.”
– Vickie L. Ayres

“Jayde is the best hairstylist around! I have been a loyal customer for at least 5 years now and have loved every minute of it! You can show her a picture of any haircut/style and she will match it to a T. I just recently went from brunette to blonde. I was scared of how it would turn out but before doing anything Jayde walked me through the process and explained how everything would work. And of course, it turned out EXACTLY how I wanted it to! =) Besides being an awesome hairstylist, Jayde is an amazing person with a big heart! Trustworthy, honesty, and funny, Jayde is your best choice at a forever stylist and friend!”
– Cindy Martin

“I never really went to a hair cut and color specialist and i trusted Jayde to do my hair about 3 years ago and have been going to her ever since.she does an amazing job and truly listens to what you want done.”
– Crystal B

“Jayde is AWESOME!!!! She always does a terrific job on my hair. She is definitely worth the trip from the other side of the city. :)”
– Julie Harris

“Love Love Love Jayde!! Been doing my eyebrows since 2005, she’s the only person who gets it right!! :)”
– Laura

“Jayde is the best! She knows how to give you your best head of hair and I will never go to anyone else. 🙂 Can’t wait to see you at my next appointment!”
– Haley

“Does an AWESOME job. Thanks Jayde.”
– Jules

“Thank you Jayde. I am so pleased with my cut and color! You are great.”
– Lisa O’Hern

“Well I could tell ya all about Jayde,but if you are here then you have been to her..i have known her since she worked at the{ big red barn,} about 5yr’s now. love her she is the best EVER… love ya girl.”
– Melinda

“I have never been to Jayde to get my hair done but the work I have seen of hers is wonderful the color is the best I have ever seen and her cuts are like no other and her own hair is like a walking billboard if you are looking to get your hair done and dont go to Jayde your making the wrong choice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
– Chandra Williams

“Jayde is a great hair stylist!! I have gone to for many many years now and tell everyone that needs there hair did to go see her.She is also a awesome person too!! Love ya girlie!”
– Stephanie Caldwell

“Jayde hasn’t cut my hair but she has stole my heart by being one of the best, most caring, and most professional persons I ever met.”
– Rob Stickland

“My family decided i needed an intervention so jayde cut my hair and did it exactly the way i wanted.usually stylist will cut how they think it should be not how you the client want’s it. love u love u.”
– Pam Richardson

“Jayde has been cutting my hair since she was in hair school. I will never go anywhere else. Thank you for making me a sexy beast =)”
– Dustin Lamberth

“Jayde is AWESOME at coloring and cutting hair! She is super cheap too!! Trust me I know! I had a really bad haircut and Jayde fixed it right for me! I love you Jayde your the BEST!!!! :)”
– Caley Sims

“Simply, the best ever!”
– Dustin Broostin

“Jayde, is a FABULOUS cut and color specialist. Haircut day is always my favorite day. I wouldn’t go to anyone else.”
– Suzie Megehee

“Jayde is an extraordinary person. She does an amazing job at what she does. You will always be in good hands with Jayde.”
– Jason VanHoutan

“I just had to visit one more time to your web site. I love your before and after pictures and your hair color is so awesome. I know that your clients will not be disappointed when you do their color.”
– Vickie L. Ayres

“One of my friends high school recommend me to Jayde and since May of this year I have let her cut and color my hair and have great results and complents because of her. Keep up the good work Jayde.”
– Tasha Canary

“Jayde has been cutting my hair since I was in 9th grade and I am now a freshman in college. She does an awesome job and I always enjoy the conversational with her.”
– Kyle Clifton

“Jayde is the best hair lady in the whole world. Thanks again Jayde for letting me change my appt.”
– Alyssa Erwin

“Jayde is the sweetest! She has such great ideas for your hair. You won’t leave disappointed.”
– Lisa O’Hern

“Congrats on the website from the texter known as: “Jayde! I woke up and my hair is too long!”
– Paula

“Hey Jayde! I like the site 🙂 K see ya tonight! Hooray!”
– Jenni Weidman

“Very cute website!!! You are awesome as always!! I will see you bright and early Sat morning…okay maybe not so bright on my part, but I have the early right!!!! Have a great Thursday!”
– Lori King

“Hey Jayde! Congrats on the website!!”
– Gina Berry

“Awesome website, see you Thursday hot momma! My roots need you! LOL!”
– Tonia

“Jayde!!! I’m so excited about your website!!! I will continue to come from Dallas to see you!!! It is long overdue! I hope to see you soon.”
– Marcela Roberts – Dallas, TX

“I have been going to Jayde to get my hair cut for a couple of years. She always does a great job and listens to what I want. My hair always looks great when she is done and it lasts for a good six weeks. She should charge a lot more than she does. The value she offers is fantastic. Jayde always does her best to accommodate my hectic schedule and book me in on short notice. I went to other places that cost less when I first moved to Yukon. I got what I paid for…I found that getting my hair cut was an adventure. I never knew what I has going to look like after each cut. I had some bad haircuts! Now I can proudly say, since I’ve been going to Jayde I don’t HAVE to wear a hat because I got a bad haircut. If you want a bad haircut, go somewhere else… If you want to have a great haircut… See Jayde!”
– Jeff Hendry

“First off let me say Jayde is AMAZING. I never let nor do I trust anyone with my hair but after finding her on facebook and seeing that she can do anything and everything in organic form I had to try it! Something just felt right about her. I was afraid our first meeting would be awkward and I wouldn’t know what to say but, I’m so happy to say it was the exact opposite. Jayde is friendly, kind, and beautiful on the inside and the outsiders. LOVE MY ORGANIC PERM. And my haircut was also perfect! Went home happy AND with a happy boyfriend! Now I’m considering adding some organic color to my hair. I would recommend Jayde to anyone! Love her!!!”
– Courtney P

“Jayde finally talked me into getting organic hair coloring. I am really glad I did. I has been 3+ weeks and my hair hasn’t faded at all. I left with soft hair that didn’t smell like strong chemicals. I can tell a HUGE difference. I get daily compliments on the color and just my hair overall. I have been going to Jayde for almost 10 years. She really is amazing. Can’t imagine anyone else doing my hair.”
– DeeDee Russell

“Okay, my review on the organic hair color treatment…I FINALLY broke down and had Jayde do organic this time…LOVE IT!! It has been 2 weeks and I have washed it multiple times. It hasn’t faded one bit. It was softer than normal when I left and has remained so. I get several compliments a day about it. Everyone loves the color. It just seems healthier. It was worth it. I am hooked on the organic coloring. I guess I will have to break down and try the organic hair products… I have been going to Jayde for about 9 years, she really is awesome. She isn’t pushy at all. I really kinda like her.”:-)
– DeeDee Russell

“So glad I found her, I was going to another salon and my hair was not getting any better, just drying out, and the girl just wasnt listening to what I was trying to tell her about my hair. And then I found Jayde the hair lady. and my hair is soft and the color is wonderul,Jayde has been doing the organic color on my hair and I have to say it is the best thing ever.”
– Veronica

“I have been going to Jayde forever and Love her! I am always happy with her work, and she is always eager to listen. I just recently switched to Organic Hair Color! It is amazing and makes my hair feel awesome and it is so nice to get away from the harsh chemicals!”
– Samantha Eggleston

“I was refered to Jayde by my best friend Traci and I can’t express how much that has meant to me and my hair. She is the best stylist ever! And has become a wonderful friend as well! I would not trust my hair to anyone else! Thank you Jayde!”
– Crystal

“I LOVE organic hair color! The color is vibrant and doesn’t fade like traditional color. The only way I know it’s time for a color appt is my roots are getting noticeable from grow out, the organic color still looks new!”
– Honesty Norman

“Jayde has been a hair stylist for 10 years and I just now found her to do my hair. Better late than never. Thanks for my great color and cut.”
– Sharon Schachle

“Jayde is fabulous! Always willing to give her insight and ideas on what would look best, as well as being the best ‘hairapist’ I’ve ever had! I reccomend her to ALL my friends and family!”
– Sarah Sonheim

“I love Jayde!!! She is a great hair dresser! I always LOVE my colors. She can always work me in and is very reasonable with her pricing. I have been going to her for 8 plus years now and tell all my friends about her.”
– Stephanie Caldwell

“I am so thankful I found Jayde! I had been first here and there and never found the right person to do my hair until I found The Hair Lady! She is awesome! She really listens to what you want your hair to look like. She uses great care and great products to yield beautiful results! I was the first blonde to try the organic color and I love it! I am a Jayde The Hair Lady customer for life! Y’all should be too!”
– Ranada Gentry

“This is an awesome website. Thank you Jayde for all that you do…. You are an awesome and inspiring hair stylist and a very successful one, indeed. I love my hair style and you have never let me down. Thank you so much for being my hair stylist and I pray that you get a ton load of business after people see this website. Thank you so much.”
– Vickie L. Ayres

“One of the best things about Jayde is that she’s very meticulous about following clients’ instructions about how they want their hair done. If you walk in with a specific style in mind you’ll most certainly not walk walk out with anything different.”
– Samuel Saudade

“Best cut and dye I have ever had!! I would go back every time if I could.”
– Best aunt ever Stephani Sims

“Jayde does great work! My daughter and I both come to her. She is very affordable!!”
– Renee Montgomery

“Jayde is awesome! She does great work and is very affordable! I highly recommend her!!”
– Renee Montgomery

“I love having my hair done with Jayde! I get to “gossip” about work and Jayde knows just what I’m talking about. I can’t wait until I can afford another color and cut! Thanks Jayde!!”
– Jeanne Huitt

“Jayde is an awesome hair lady and an amazing person. I moved here from Arkansas in December and she was so nice the first time I talked to her to get an appointment. She made time to see me with not much notice. I’ve been going to her ever since. She is really friendly and you feel comfortable like you’ve known her for years. My mother-in-law even goes to her when she comes in to visit from Arkansas!!”
– Miranda

“Jayde does a beautiful job. Great cut and fantastic colour for a really reasonable price. Recommended!”
– Michelle

“We absolutely love Jayde! She’s the best with getting it right! My daughter and I both love her color, cut and her styling for special occasions. I won’t ever go anywhere else!”
– Stephanie

“Jayde is absolutely the best! She has a way of knowing exactly what I want my hair to look like, even when I am not sure myself. She is kind and friendly and she makes the time pass nicely, all while giving your hair an amazing new look! I have been stopped and complimented by random strangers on the street, all because of my awesome hair style I got Jayde the Hair Lady!” 🙂
– Rachel

“Jayde is wonderful! She made me feel comfortable and was honest and upfront about myoptions for my hair color. She has wonderful prices as well! Definitely will be sticking with her!”
– Tiffany Hancock

“Hi Jayde! Love the website! Its so cute! Just wondering, do you have any appointments available for Mommy and I next Wednesday around lunch time? If not, I understand! Its short notice. Anyways, congrats on the site!”
– Nicole Love

“Jayde is the best!!”:)
– Macayla Romines

“Jayde love the site…. Jayde is the best hair lady…always did what I asked and never messed it up….It always looks good when I leave her….”
– Amanda Holiday

“I have been going to see Jayde for about 8 years. She is absolutely AMAZING!!! She does mine, my kids, and my moms hair regularly! Love ya Jayde and the website is awesome!”
– Courtney Mathhia